Yamuna Expressway Authority Agreement to Lease

Answer: Yes, if you have rented your property, you can have it sold and transferred on behalf of the buyer, as transfers for a residential property in 2009 for sectors 18 and 20 are open from now on (October 2019). Please note: Rs. 10,000/- discount in the case of a female distributor 16. That all general and special conditions, as contained in the Authority`s brochure and the letter of award, form part of this contract and, in case of objection, the clauses of this agreement or the rental deed to be signed will prevail. 1. A cover letter stating that you have xyz land and that you want to draw up a lease deed. Ask for permission. That 4: Are the plots of the Yamuna Authority`s 2009 scheme free or rented? What is Leasing Hold, what is Lease Rent? 2. AND THE Successful Tenderer DECLARES AND UNDERTAKES WITH THE AUTHORITY AS FOLLOWS: (a) The Successful Tenderer shall pay the Authority the premium of Rs.____________/- (In _____________________________Provided Rs._________________________Rs cases._ If the instalment payments, as well as the interest resulting therefrom, are not paid no later than the due date or due date, interest of 14% shall be charged over the default interest period, which are composed at six months. (b) Payments made by the Successful Bidder will first be adjusted to the interest due, if any, and then to any premium, and the remaining amount, if any, will be used for rental rent without instructions/conflicting requests from the tenant. (c) If Allottee is in arrears in the payment of premiums and interest for two successive instalments, the Authority shall have the right to conclude this Agreement and, in such a case, no deed of lease should be signed by the Authority in favour of Allottee. Or What is the total cost of a YEIDA plot for an allocation? Or What are the different fees for registering a property? Or how high is the lease for a 300-metre plot? Or What are the current circle rates? That 2: I have a lease for my property, but I don`t have a property yet, can I sell my property? Are transfers possible for the YEIDA 2009 residential property program? AND CONSIDERING that development in the area ___ is underway and that it would take some time for the lease deed to be executed in relation to the land allocated www.yamunaexpresswayauthority.com/agreement_to_lease.pdf 4.

Photocopy of the successful tenderer`s identity document (please have the original identity document with you) 1 7. Copy of a checklist letter (you will receive this letter from Yamuna`s authority for the deed of renting your property). 1. that, in return for the partially paid premium and the balance paid, which is respected or executed by the Successful Tenderer within the time limit and in the manner provided for in ARTICLE 2 below, and taking into account the rent reserved under these terms and conditions and the agreements and provisions contained below, the Authority implements this lease agreement in favour of the awards, where the entire plot is the same, where the base is provisionally numbered as the plot number. ________,__,_____ rental. Note: There may be changes in the process, as this will be the case as of October 2019 and is based on publicly collected information. Please contact the Yamuna Authority`s customer service or other lawyer for accurate information. (Please enter the 1st name, the name of the 2nd father and the 3rd address) 10. That the parties agree that this Agreement is neither the deed of rental nor interpreted as an act of rental. However, this agreement authorizes the Assignee to enforce a lease deed on the assigned property. The detailed conditions of the rental deed must be set out in the rental deed to be executed. It is specified that the conditions set out in this contract are also part of the deed of rental.

Stamp duty paid under this Agreement is subject to the adjustment of the stamp duty payable/payable on the rental deed to be signed pursuant to Notice No. 3066/11-5-2009-500 (100)/2008 dated June 12, 2009 and amended by the United States Government. If, at the time of the execution of the final rental deed, there is a change or addition in the description of the property, the stamp duty paid on the contract will also be adjusted 3. That the Successful Bidder is required to enforce the deed of lease within 90 days from the date on which the authority requests the Successful Bidder to enforce in its favor the lease of the land allocated. 8. In the event of the death of the Successful Tenderer after the execution of this contract, but before the execution of the act of rental, the legitimate heirs have the right to execute the act of rental in their favour. In the event that there is more than one legal heir, they are free to enforce the deed of rental either jointly for the benefit of all the legal heirs, or for the benefit of the legal heir(s) for whose benefit the remaining legal heir(s) do not oppose the affidavit for the execution of the deed of rental. 42K All powers exercised by the Authority under this Agreement may be exercised by the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Authority. The Authority may also authorize any other of its other officials to exercise all or part of the power it exercises under this Agreement. The term Chief Executive Officer includes the interim Chief Executive Officer or any other senior officer who is assigned by the Authority functions similar to those of the Chief Executive Officer.

Answer: All land allocated by the Yamuna Authority is leased. The 3 authorities of Gautam Budh Nagar 1) the Noida Authority 2) the Greater Noida Authority and 3) the Yamuna Authority allocate land for 90 to 99 years, which means that they remain owners of the land and allocate land for rent allowances and charge leases against it. Gautam Budh Nagar`s residential land is leased by these authorities for a period of 90 years. Rental properties cannot be divided into smaller pieces. 4. That I am responsible for any dispute or costs incurred after the conclusion of the rental agreement. The authority, the property manager, the assistant property manager are not responsible. 11. All notices, orders and other documents incorporated under the terms of this Agreement or the Uttar Pradesh Industrial Zone Development Act 1976 (U.P. Act No.

6 of 1976) or rules, regulations or instructions under this Agreement shall be deemed to have been duly served in accordance with section 43 of the Urban Planning and Development Act of Uttar Pradesh. 1973 as recreated and modified from time to time 5th. . . .