Prakruti Chikitsalaya

SY Reiki Gurukul and Research Center & Prakruti Chikitsalaya with Nature cure and Yoga center is a guided Health and wellness center offering lifestyle programs through Complementary and Alternative healing principles of Naturopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda etc. The ambiance is hygienic, the serenity and the spiritual vibes make this Hospital a paradise.

  1. Since 2012 our Prakruti Chikitsalaya is catering to the needs of needy and common people with all its facilities and services. Excellent services are provided by a dedicated team of qualified Doctors in the interest of the whole community and health improvement.

The main aim is to serve the needy people, improve their health standards and remove their ailments and worries, and also make people aware of the hazards and means of prevention.

The main objectives of the institution are:
– Health Care
– Treatment
– Prevention and Cure
– Research

Nutritional Improvisation: 
– Fasting,
– Liquid diet,
– Sprouted seeds,
– Soup, vegetables etc.

Treatment Facilities:

– Cough & cold, fever, asthma, Bronchitis, Tonsils, Laryngitis, etc.
– Menstrual irregularities, impotency, stress, etc.
– Ulcer, constipation, gaseous-problems, indigestion, intestinal-weakness etc.
– Diabetes, blood pressure, cardiac – disorders, obesity, weakness etc.
– Allergy, skin diseases, itching, etc.
– Joint pains, arthritics, black-pain, cervical spondylosis, polio, neuralgia
– Mental-disorders, mental-tensions, sleeplessness, Hysteria, etc.

Facilities : 

– Treatment facilities for outdoor patients (OPD)

– Treatment facilities for indoor patients (IPD)

– Diet Food

– Online consulting

– Medicines sent through courier

Other Facilities :

– Instrumental Lab
– Research on Natural Treatment

Natural treatment is gaining popularity in the masses because of some of the unavoidable disadvantages & drawbacks of medicines, not only in India but also at the international level. The main aim is to provide medical facilities to common people and treat them without any side-effects to improve their health standards.

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