Reiki Healing and Training in Kadrolli Belgaum Karnataka

Learn the Reiki Healing techniques and get Reiki therapy from Usui Reiki Grand master teacher and experienced Reiki practitioners near me in Kadrolli Belgaum Karnataka. Experience the Reiki rays healing you.

Reiki’s meaning is ‘Universal life energy’. It is an art of living. It not only teaches how to lead a happy and peaceful life but also activates inner energy to go on this path.

Our training sessions are specifically designed to change oneself from the negative mindset to a positive one through the inner journey and the mind-body connection.

Classes are conducted according to the individual mindset,  his/her body, mind, environmental conditions.

Individual attention is given along with counseling.

The syllabus is designed to implement Reiki in day to day life.

We focus more on the teaching aspect of Reiki. But if somebody needs initial support or we help the individual to heal him/her self by doing different Reiki healing methods. As a doctor treat the patient.

Reiki healing methods are: Touch healing, distant healing, aura healing, chakra healing, Stones and crystal healing, psychic surgery, etc.


Note: Poor and needy please feel free to talk to Dr. Kavita for concession.