Reiki – Healing and Training

‘Reiki’ is a Japanese word which means ‘Universal life energy’. It is an art of living. It not only teaches how to lead a happy and peaceful life but also activates inner energy to go on this path.

Our training sessions are specifically designed to change oneself from the negative mindset to a positive one through the inner journey and the mind-body connection.

Guru Shishya Parampara

Man is part and parcel of this universe. So ancient knowledge about man, the universe, and energy are discussed and the role of thoughts, etc are subjects are discussed on different levels.

Classes are conducted according to the individual mindset,  his/her body, mind, environmental conditions.

Individual attention is given along with counseling.

The syllabus is designed to implement Reiki in day to day life.

We focus more on the teaching aspect of Reiki. But if somebody needs initial support or we help the individual to heal him/her self by doing different Reiki healing methods. As a doctor treat the patient.

Reiki healing methods are: Touch healing, distant healing, aura healing, chakra healing, Stones and crystal healing, psychic surgery, etc.

Counseling is an important aspect of our Training and healing sessions.

Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Videos on Reiki by Dr. Kavita

Reiki Training Sessions:

Dr. Kavita S. H
Ayurvedacharya, Reiki Grand Master & Karuna Healing Master
In this session In this session In this session
● Attunement ● Attunement ● Attunement
● Introduction ● Introduction ● Introduction
● Traditional History of REIKI ● Revision of 1st level ● Revision of 1st & 2nd level
● My Linage – Why I learned Reiki? ● Reiki symbol ● Reiki symbol
● What Reiki is? ● Rakshanakavacha (self-protection & protecting others) ● 21 days practicing
● Who can learn Reiki? ● Method of giving Reiki to others
● How do Reiki works? ● 21 days practicing ● Psychic surgery
● Benefits of Reiki ● Method of giving Reiki to others ● What are Crystals & stones?
● 5 Principles of Reiki ● Different hand positions ● How to choose Crystals & stones?
● Protection ● Distant Healing ● Cleansing Crystals & stones
● 21 days cleansing process ● Wish box ● Programming Crystals & Stones
● Ancient Anatomy ● Past & Future healing methods ● Healing 7 Chakras with Crystals
● Chakras ● What is Chakra & Healing method ● Meditations
● What is Aura? ● What is Aura & Healing method ● Pranayama
● Cleaning Aura ● Photo technique/Teddy Bear/Doll method/Pillow/Thumb or Finger method ● Diet
● Treating plants and animals ● Self Evaluation
● Meditations ● Visualization technique ● Reference manual
● Pranayama ● Beaming ● Music for Healing
● Diet ● GroupDistance Healing ● Certificate
● Self Evaluation ● Reiki Symbol meditation
● Reference manual ● Manifesting GOALS
● Music for Healing ● Room Cleansing
● Certificate ● Different healing methods
● Dowsing, Pendulum Dowsing
● Meditations
● Pranayama
● Diet
● Self Evaluation
● Reference manual
● Music for Healing
● Certificate
Duration – 10 Hours Duration – 14 Hours Duration – 10 Hours
Fees: INR 3000/- Fees: INR 4000/- Fees: INR 5000/-
Monthly 2 classes – Lifetime free.
Participants to bring their pen drive, notebook & pen.
Please confirm your presence by calling on 9011084960/8788087590
Soubhagya Residency, Plot No.82, Sector No.16, PCNTDA, Near Hotel Rathi
Residency, Rajeshivajinagar, Pune – 411019

Note: Poor and needy please feel free to talk to Dr. Kavita for concession.